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About Connie Pruitt and Happy Llama

Welcome!  I’m Connie Pruitt, the founder of Happy Llama.  I am a retired art teacher of 36 years and a certified art therapist.  The idea of Happy Llama  began on a trip a few years ago to the top of Machu Picchu in Peru.   It was a life changing experience for me.  I left all of my worries at the bottom of that mountain and enjoyed the mysterious beauty of the ruins. I was totally captivated by the peaceful

surroundings, where it was sometimes hard to discern where the ruins stopped and the clouds began.   The llamas that inhabited the ruins were oblivious to their surroundings and looked so peaceful.  I was captivated by them and their ease of just existing.  I wanted to take that peacefulness with me.   I knew my life long experience of loving to create and teaching art would be a gateway to do that.  I went back home and created more art than ever! It helped me find “my happy place”. I am so happy to now share that with you! Happy Llama parties and D.I.Y. boxes are a little bit of that mountain top and the llama life. Enjoy!

Connie Pruitt is a Certified Art Therapist and not a master-level clinician. She holds no licensure specifically in the mental health field and therefore will not psychoanalyze, treat addictions, depression or prescribe medications. She holds a certificate of Art Therapy which means she is qualified to guide individuals to create art and find meaning in it, as well as many other therapeutic advantages. In addition to an AT Certificate, Connie has a master’s degree in art education and has been teaching art for all age groups for 36 years in the public school system. She created the first social painting company in Des Moines in 2012.  (Partial credit to company name goes to Chris Billings.)

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Connie is also the owner of Connie Pruitt Art. Check out her paintings at