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Classroom Happy Llama Boxes

Getting your students to de-stress just got easier! 

Great to do before standardized testing or big project deadlines.

Counselors, use it as a tool to enhance your sessions.

Classroom Happy Llama Art Box Options:

  • 1. Classroom Happy Llama Pack with instructor. Up to 40 students. $200 That’s only $5 per student! Project time varies depending on age level.

    Includes all supplies shown below and art teacher Connie Pruitt will facilitate the activity. (In the Des Moines and Surrounding Area only.) Her 36 years of teaching K-12 visual art means she’s qualified to adjust any project to any grade level. Email Connie at to set up a time.

•2. Classroom Happy Llama Pack and Instructional Video. Up to 40 students. $160 That’s only $4 per student!

Includes all supplies shown below and an instructional video of art teacher Connie Pruitt going through the project step by step.

•3. Video and supply list only. $30


“Express and Destress” Classroom Llama Box

Jim Holtz Big Chat word sticker pages, black sharpie markers, white acrylic paint, disposable brushes, scrapbooking paper assortment and Mod Podge.

(Students will need to provide a shoe box, pizza box or similar box with a lid.)